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Contemporary blue rhino endangered animal art original painting for sale

Contemporary blue rhino painting

Acrylic on canvas, 16x12".

If this painting sells from the ebay listing 50% will go to The World Wildlife Fund to help protect endangered species.

I see him as being mysterious, and blue suits that, with the possibility of danger (orange). I like the fact that although he could be dangerous, and is a little bit frightening, he has a look of kindness about him. He may be a misunderstood beast. The detail in the lines on his face make him interesting, so I have emphasized them with extra colour contrast and a bit of texture (sculpture gel).

The rhinoceros is an endangered species. The World Wildlife Fund say "Poaching is the greatest current threat to tigers, rhinos, elephants, gorillas and other African and Asian species.", and "..rhinos are particularly vulnerable, their body parts being prized in traditional Asian medicine." They are making efforts to stop poaching read more from their website