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Pet portrait border collie painting for sale

Pet portrait border collie (Shep) painting

Acrylic on stretched canvas, 18x14".

While visiting Ireland we stayed in a holiday cottage owned by a lovely Irish family whose personality was a big part of how special our time there was. One member of their family was Shep the dog, who our children fell in love with.

Pet portrait commissions (from your photos) welcome.

£60 (£15 deposit) for 16x12", 12x16" or 16x16". Click to order your pet portrait from my ebay listing.

For a deposit of 25% of the final price, I will communicate with you about your requirements/preferences for the painting, produce the painting, then email you a photo of it for you to request any changes you would like made. Once you are happy with it, I will request the remaining balance. When I receive this, I will dispatch the painting to you. It will take 3 to 4 weeks to complete.