Original art - nature paintings for sale

Art highlighting the dramatic beauty of nature, with a main focus on the UK’s beautiful countryside. 

I paint a wide variety of subjects (see gallery menu below).  Each category appeals to me for different reasons.   


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Landscape and cityscape art

Wherever I go, different views of nature catch my eye and strike me as being perfect compositions for paintings. This is often because the lighting is just right in the moment, making the landscape look dramatic and atmospheric. I take lots of photographs to use as art reference later on, but photos never seem to look as intense as the real thing and don’t express fully how I felt when I was there. I feel that these things can be expressed better in a painting. I do this mainly through the use of colour. Colour is very important to me. I like to include bold colours and often, rather than mixing colours, I put colours next to each other to give the impression of another colour when they mix in the viewer’s eye. This optical colour mixing can look exciting as the vibrant colours seem to shimmer off one another.

Seascape art

The ocean is fascinating to me. The constant ebb and flow of the tides keeps going through time in a regular fashion, yet the sea appears to have incredible moodswings. The changing mood of the sea at different moments provides inspiration for many paintings with different atmospheric qualities. Sometimes it is relatively still and tranquil with a calming effect, and at other times it is wild and rough with an exciting feeling.

Although the sea can be beautiful it is also dangerous and has claimed many lives. Its vastness is home to so much life, but could also swallow you up and lose you. I look at it with a mixture of awe, respect, excitement and fear.

The colours of the sea are ever changing depending on the time of day and the weather. The interacting reflections between the sea and the sky make an intense relationship, and sunsets and sunrises can be very dramatic. The colours in the sky not only reflect from the sea but reflections on beaches of wet sand can look stunning.

The sand is changeable like the sea in the shapes it makes. Ripples in the sand can look like abstract art created by nature. The variety of seashells washed up on the beach can also make a nice painting subject.

Botanical art

There is so much variety in the shapes and colours which nature creates in its plants and flowers. Blooms don’t last forever but painting them can capture a snapshot of their beauty in time. The different colours give character to the season in which those particular plants flower. People are inspired by flowers to attach meaning to different species, for example, giving red roses for love and white lilies for loss.

Copies of old masters paintings

Most of us can’t afford to buy an original famous painting but an affordable copy, painted as a tribute to the great artists we love can be a nice thing to have.

A lot of the old masters learnt their skills by copying other people’s paintings so why shouldn’t any of us have a go? You notice a lot of things about a painting when you try to reproduce it, which you might not have noticed before, even if it is one of your favourite paintings that you think you know well. It gives you a chance to really study and appreciate the art.

I feel that it is good to look at lots of other people’s art as well as your own. People have so many different ways of seeing things and expressing them in art and that can make you look at things in different ways yourself as well, noticing things you might have missed out on otherwise.

Abstract and surrealist art

I don’t know that I’m being particularly meaningful when I do an abstract painting or if it just comes down to I think something would look good, for example, I like black and I like spiral shapes so why don’t I put them together in an artwork. A friend of mine says that even if you think you didn’t have a good reason for painting something, the ideas have come from your subconscious, which might have its own good reasons!

In abstract art I aim for a balance of shapes, colours and sometimes textures, laid out in a composition I just find pleasing. My starting point is often shapes and colours in nature. I feel that nature creates a lot of what look to me, like abstract art. I see it in things like water droplets, cracks in rocks, the shapes in clouds and ripples in water.

I feel like surrealist paintings happen when my mind is trying to make sense of something I might not have even realised I was thinking about. Sometimes the paintings come from words and phrases that enter my head and I feel that poetry writing can by combined with it.

Portraits, figures and animal art

It is such a challenge to paint the likeness of a person or animal, and even more of a challenge to paint their mood in the moment. You feel you know the person or animal better somehow after studying them in order to paint them. Not just the shapes in their faces, the colour and texture of their skin and hair, or an animal’s fur, but their personality which shines through all that.

Worcestershire paintings

I love living in Worcester and find as much art inspiration here as other places I visit.  I sometimes paint from my own photos but often work with Worcester based photographer Collette Knibb, using her photos as art reference.  We have a separate webpage for our collaborative art.

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