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Most of my paintings are done in acrylics and are for sale on Ebay. I often paint on stretched canvasses. These are painted round the sides, and ready to hang as they are, or they can be framed if you prefer. The ones which are on board or paper are standard sizes so that they can be framed easily.

Different people have different things they want to express through their art. Art is my act of worship of the beauty of nature, and pursuit of happiness.

There is lots of beauty around us, but it is easy for our minds to be taken over by the never ending busy-ness of getting everything done on the daily task list we have set for ourselves, or other people have set for us. The relentlessness of it can add to depression. While getting through the day we can pass beautiful things by and see them but not really notice them. Is that living or just existing? How often do we ENJOY living. When you get some time, Art, in all its many forms, can help you enjoy living because it can focus your mind on things you find pleasing and pleasurable. Enjoying the beauty of a piece of art is a moment of enjoying being alive. Experiencing art and creating art are my favourite methods of improving mood.

During a day of doing the things I feel I have to do, whenever I feel I can get away with it I say STOP, I'm going to look at art instead! My art, other people's art and nature's art. Why does nature make so many beautiful things? What is its purpose in doing that? Interesting questions I think. Creating a piece of art is even more absorbing than looking at it. Nature is my favourite artist and the one I try to copy the most.

Painting can be a way of practising mindfulness. To depict something in art you have to really observe it eg focussing on its shapes, colours and textures, the atmosphere of the scene, the lighting, and how it makes you feel, physically and emotionally. It's a very absorbing activity and can give your mind a break from the rest of life.

Recreating a scene in paint is also a way of reliving good memories, as I often paint from photographs taken while visiting beautiful places. It is not always necessary to travel a long way for inspiration though. You might for example, see beauty in the geometry of the rooftops looking out of your back window, or in something as simple as a daisy in the garden, or looking up into the sky, nature's composition of shapes and colours in the clouds. You don't have to be having a remarkable day to experience beautiful things.

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you enjoy the paintings.