Angry geese painting

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animal art angry geese painting for sale
Acrylic on canvas, 12x16"

I wonder why geese seem to get so angry? All I did was walk up to these geese with a camera and they were most indignant! Maybe they don't like being photographed. On the campsite where I photographed them all the inhabitants were quite quite mad though! The owner who nearly cried and wouldn't let all the campers leave when gale force winds blew our tents down in the night, but invited us all into his farmhouse for a party instead. (The campsite was on a moorland hillside, exposed to the wind, and I got the feeling this had happened before. The owner had a shed full of broken bits of tent.) His dog, who kept escaping and clamping its teeth round the backside of one of the sheep. The connected sheep and dog then hurtled round the campsite, chased by the owner, in his car, up and down the hillside. The sheep and dog, still attached, then crashed through the guy ropes of our tent, (roughly mended after the gale using bits from previously broken tents), but now ripping the ropes from the canvas. Inside the tent, a goat, who had boldly walked in, was stealing and eating cake. It was all great fun! Painting the geese from the photos brought back happy memories.