Pink Roses botanical painting

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botanical roses flower painting
watercolour on paper, 7x10"

The roses were getting out of control in our front garden, hanging over the path, their thorns threatening the postman, so the children pruned them and brought me them in a bunch. All plans to paint other subjects were postponed while I quickly got to work to try to capture the life and freshness of these lovely, sweet smelling flowers before they would quickly wilt and shrivel. The flowers were so delicate and subtly coloured that I felt that my usual style in acrylics, of strong contrasts, and deep colours would not be the best way to depict them and that watercolours would be better. I’ve always found it a challenge to restrain myself with watercolours and produce something that looks delicate and ‘watery’ and not overworked. I think this is one of my more successful attempts at this. I liked the way the yellow in these flowers seemed to glow like a light from the centre.