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Lizard painting - Chinese water dragon

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chinese water dragon lizard - reptile art painting

Acrylic on canvas, 16x20"

The painting is on a stretched canvas, painted round the sides, with a string on the back, so it is ready to hang as it is, or can be framed if you prefer.

Lizard painting of a Chinese water dragon for sale. I find reptiles fascinating looking creatures and I am very grateful to my friend Amanda Longmore for allowing me to use her photograph as an art reference. I like the different shaped scales and how they fit together and the colour variations. The scales remind me a bit of the cells in acrylic pour paintings which I am experimenting with at the moment. Whereas the results with acrylic pour are somewhat random, I painted the scales of this lizard as accurately and with as much self control as I could. I find the way nature has created this animal so beautiful and perfect that I have tried to represent it in art and make it look as realistic as possible.