Tiger at night painting

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tiger or tigress at night painting for sale
Acrylic on canvas, 16x12"

The painting is on a stretched canvas, painted round the sides, with a string on the back, so it is ready to hang as it is, or can be framed if you prefer.

The focus and calmness in a tiger's face demands respect. What a beautiful but dangerous animal. Tigers are mostly nocturnal and this painting is set at night. I wanted her to look female, a tigress, and to look as though she is sneaking up on you, emerging from the darkness.

I based her on a Sumatran tiger, a critically endangered species in Indonesia. The threats to these animals are mainly loss of their habitat through deforestation, and poaching. Things we can do to help them are to support the World Wildlife Fund who work to protect areas where tigers live, and to buy products which do not contain palm oil, as a lot of the deforestation takes place to clear the land to grown oil palm.