Portrait of two violins (with violinists) painting

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Violins music art painting for sale
Acrylic on canvas, 16x12"

The painting is on a stretched canvas, painted round the sides, with string on the back, so it is ready to hang as it is or can be framed if you prefer.

The feeling of discovering a piece of music I loved and hadn't heard before, by my favourite composer, inspired me to do this painting. The music is Brahms' Piano Concerto no. 1 in D Minor. I watched as well as listened to an orchestra play it on YouTube. I love the look of it as well as the sound of it. I find the instruments beautiful and I love the solemnity, drama, concentration and expression on the musicians' faces. I used a still from the video as a reference photo for this painting. I wanted this painting to be more a portrait of the violins themselves rather than the violinists, so I made the violins more prominent. The musicians are fully absorbed in the music so that they almost ARE the music and are no longer themselves. I also wanted to show a sense of movement as they play. I chose the colours just because they seemed like the colours I had a feeling for while listening to the music.